Scerek AU: Derek is teaching Scott how to fight.

"In a second another wolf can be at your throat. You have to always be aware of your surroundings." Derek noted, staring across the room at Scott. His eyes lit up a blood-red as a roar cut through the air. He was setting the mood, warning Scott he was not going to hold bacj

A moment later, both of them charged forward, fangs bared, eyes flowing red and yellow. They collided, claws searching for flesh and growls vibrating in their throats..

Scott ripped free of Derek’s grip, ducking as the alpha sung his arm around. He then moved to the other side, striking Derek on his unprotected side and lunging to try and pin the him.

He had no change to get a good grip on the older man before he was on the ground, his head slammed against the concrete, Derek’s hand on this throat.

For a moment, they stayed like that, both their breaths ragged, eyes still glowing. “Again,” Derek finally said, letting go of Scott and walking back across the room. . 

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